The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which Gordon Munro writes from the trenches in France to his father, James E. Munro. Included are expressions of appreciation for newspapers, parcels, and letters received from family and friends back home. Mention is made of fellow soldiers overseas known to the Munro family as well as day to day activities from the trenches i.e. weather, cooking details, pay day, etc.
H. G. Munro, 47904
15 Battn.
48th Highlanders Regt.
No4 Coy.
3rd Brigade
1st Can. Division
Brit. Exped. Force

Sept. 4/15

Dear Father, -

I got the papers & your letter last night, I see some of the Oakville boys are enlisting, but dont know if they will ever see the front or not, I hope not anyway. I always like to get the Oakville papers & will pass them on to Salty & Ab when I see them, which I expect to do in about a week. We are just back from the trenches again. I intended to write from there but "Fritz" gave us something else to think of. He did give us a hot time once or twice, but got more than he gave I daresay. It rained quite a bit & coming out we got soaked, the water & mud was knee deep in places, but we came through O.K. I just got nicely dried & got caught in another storm & soaked again, but I'm all right now. I guess I looked like a young tramp after we came back, my beard was a peach & not having been able to wash I looked quite handsome.

Brock & I were quite close this time & I saw him several times. I got mothers parcel about 2 A. M. while I was on sentry & could hardly wait till daylight to open it. Everything in it comes in very handy & we were glad of the "Keatings". Tell Miss McBain I was glad to here from her & would write, only I just have one envelope & had that given to me. I hope to get some next week & will write then. Brock got a box last night from Marg Lind & some more of the girls & believe me it was a peach. Oh that fruit-cake! We wrote them last night in a green envelope. Those green envelopes are not allowed in our company as some of the fellows were caught misusing them. I had a Sniper's rifle as well as my own last time & between the two I was kept busy. We also did our own cooking, I cooked beefsteak, french fried potatoes, tea, bacon etc. So when I come home I will be able to get up & get the breakfast, (I don't think).

I had a letter from Snyder & he was well wished to be remembered to you all as did Salty & Ab. I see by a letter of Brocks that Margaret, Jess & Faith, are knitting socks. We appreciate their efforts but tell them if they are for us, they had better have a try on some other body first, try Kitchener's Army. (no slam intended).

We got started (pen run out) to a church parade this a. m. but the rain spoilt it. We will have another next week I suppose. I had a nice letter from Mrs. Fisher last week. We got paid 15 Francs to day so I will be busy trying to spend it. I have saved over $80 so far (just since we left Canada.) I think I will invest it in "War Loans" at 4 . If I do I'll send them home for safe keeping.

I guess that things are kept pretty busy around Oakville with the new road, & next year I hope to have a ride on it. I was glad to hear that Pork & Margaret passed so well & that Ed is nearly all better again. I am enclosing a picture of a sentry on periscope duty taken from the Daily Mirror. Its something like you would see me at now & again.

I am sending the two "Theys" a couple more cards. Did they get the last I sent? By the papers I see that the Allies are conducting a lot of air raids & they appear to be having quite an effect on the Germans. I dont think it will be long before something decisive happens. perhaps before you get this letter, whenever it does come. I am sure "old John Bull" will show the Kaiser something & we will eat our Xmas dinner in Berlin or at home. you people who cant come out here can do your share by yours prayers. It makes a fellow feel better to know that someone at home is thinking & praying for him.

I guess I had better close as news too is scarce, especially of the kind we can write about

best regards to the neighbors & love to all

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Gordon Munro Letters, Sept. 4, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Sept. 4, 1915
Gordon Munro Letters, Sept. 4, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Sept. 4, 1915
Gordon Munro Letters, Sept. 4, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Sept. 4, 1915
Gordon Munro Letters, Sept. 4, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Sept. 4, 1915