The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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Gordon writes to his mother. He tells her about a comrade who's facing shell shock, as well as another friend who saved his team (and won a medal for it). He makes a very funny joke about a conversation held between two soldiers.
Dear Mother, -

I have just finished boxing a few rounds & that's why I write worse than usual. It leaves your hand rather shaky. I box about three times a day, as it's about all there is to do after parade & then its just as well to learn a little bit about handling the mitts. There's not much to write about, I don't know what we'll do…in a couple of years, there'll be nothing at all to say.
I saw Bud Lobb the other day. Bud is fine & has landed a "soft" job. His nerves were pretty bad, and that's how he got bombproof - I wish if my nerves were going to give out that they'd hurry up, but somehow I can't get sick!

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One of the boys in my squad won the Military Medal the other day for grabbing a bomb with the fuse running from among a big bunch of us & throwing it well clear. It exploded just about after he threw it, otherwise it would have cleared up on a few of us. His name is Savage. That's the kind of a squad to have. I saw "Salty" the other day. Salty is a platoon Sergeant now. Do you remember Billy Roe in Gladstone? He is in the bombers of another Batt'n & is cooking for them…some cook, eh?
I just heard about an Englishman & American talking, & the Englishman says, "What do you think of the advance?" The Yank says, "Some fight." The Englishman came back with the answer, "Some don't". Har! Har!
I am enclosing a copy of the

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"Bragier", the 3rd Brigade paper. It has a piece about Colonel Marshall that I'd like you to keep. We had a bath this morning & it was fine.
To-night there is a big bonfire & concert in the open. Brock & I were talking to Pete Campbell the other day. He is a Capt. Now on the Bgd. Staff. Good news still comes from the Somme & the way the guns are I guess old Fritz doesn't think he's quite so small as he thought he was. I hope Bill's watch is all right, and that you get the pictures.

Love to all,
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