The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which Gordon Munro relays news to Jessie Munro regarding clothing outfits provided by the army; training activities i.e. marches, bayonet practice; and, social activities.
Georgetown Ont.
March 12th/15

Dear Mother, -

We got our new outfits and they are fine. we got 2 pairs underwear, 2 pair socks, 1 pr. boots, great coat, suit, sweater-coat and two top shirts, they fit fine. I have an awful bunch of junk to bring home next Friday. We expected to get home to-night but the Lieutenant asked us to wait another week as it would suit him better. We are getting leave till Monday noon and will be home on the six Friday from Toronto.

We have been having bayonet practice and extension drill more than anything lately and it is fine stuff. We marched 15 miles the other morning in about 4 hrs. and we will go on longer ones as soon as we get our new boots broken in. We got some socks from Miss Balmer and they are fine ones.

I was out to a Mrs. Henderson's for dinner the other night and had a good feed, they have a peach of a place and are nice people. Mr. Scott is a friend of theirs and they have one of his photos too. Brock is having some time and is beyond me. Its a common thing now to see her every day and twice on Sundays. I had a bath at Mr. Cameron's the other night and he told me he had seen father at Presbytery.

We have 24 hr. guards now and I was on last week and my turn comes again on Sunday at 8 P.M. till Monday 8 P.M. I was orderly one day and it is a fine job, all you have to do is keep a fire on, but you cant go out. I was drilling the squad one day last week for a while and felt nervous at first and hollered my lungs out.

The snow is going fast up here and we will soon be outside. I hope Chrisie does'nt get the measles, tell her there is a Scotchman here that would suit her and I'll bring him down some time. How is Bill? Well I must close for now

with love to all,

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Gordon Munro Letters, Mar. 12, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Mar. 12, 1915
Gordon Munro Letters, Mar. 12, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Mar. 12, 1915
Gordon Munro Letters, Mar. 12, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Mar. 12, 1915