The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which Gordon Munro replies to Jessie Munro's letter and advises her when he will be coming home for a visit. Includes description of clothing received from the army, local Presbyterian church, C.N.R. tracks, and marches made in the area. Mention is also made of recent correspondence received from family and friends.
Georgetown Feb 23/15

Dear Mother, -

Received your letter and was sorry to hear Bill was sick, if she isn't better yet give her pills. That's all Dr. Nixon gives the fellows no matter if they have a sprained arm.

I was just speaking to the Lieutenant and we will be home a week from this Friday. I think we'll go by Toronto this time & then we can get home earlier. We have had marches to Glen Williams, Norval & Stuarttown. our Acton march has'nt shown up yet.

We got measured this morning for new suits and expect them about Saturday. My chest measurement is 1 " more than when I came, it is just about 38" now. We are getting service boots & overshoes & underwear & gloves & everything that goes with it, so you may not know me.

We expected to move into the library for sleeping but the trucks are'nt here yet so we have to stay where we are.

I did real guard duty the other night & took my 3 hrs. turn at the Town Hall & slept on the floor the rest of the time. We have two prisoners there for Disobedience.

A bunch of us found a handcar the other day & we go for long rides on the track. it is the C.N.R. from Guelph to Toronto & is not in use yet. We are to going to strike for Streetsville one of these days.

I got a Balalslava cap from Grace Hewer the other day & a pair of socks from B. Armstrong so I am well looked after. I had a letter from Grandfather last night & one from Ed this morning. I'm sorry he cant come up but guess the Dr. know best.

We are having great weather here. The snow is melting fast and it will not be long till we are drilling outside. The lieutenant said he did'nt think we'd be here much longer but he does'nt know for sure.

We went to the English church Sunday night & they put up a rotten show all round. A bunch of us went to the Presbyterian in the morning & it was'nt bad. Their organ is like ours only a lot newer. the church is bigger too, & was pretty well filled.

Well I guess I have said all I know & must wring off. Tell Bill to remember me to S. Burgoine & D Rohothum.

love to all

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Gordon Munro Letters, Feb. 23, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Feb. 23, 1915
Gordon Munro Letters, Feb. 23, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Feb. 23, 1915
Gordon Munro Letters, Feb. 23, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Feb. 23, 1915