The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which Sgt. Borton from the Canadian mail pool in France advises Jessie Munro that the packages she sent to Melville were forwarded to the line to him.
3 - 1- 18

Mrs. J. V. Munro
Oakville, ONt.

Madam: -

Your letter of the 13-11-17 to hand, a number of parcels have been passed on re-addressed to your boy, and I trust that long before this letter reaches you he shall have enjoyed the contents, we at this pool send the mail direct to the line, a very short journey.

I am sorry I did not write before, but when I tell we handled 888 sacks of mail in Dec., you will understand we have been busy. I have a number of letters like yours to answer, and having an old mother in far-away B.C. try to drop them all a line, for we know they put a lot of time, and sacrifice, in the these wee bits of Canada - (parcels.)
Yours Respectfully,

70636 C. N. Borton, Sgt.
I/C Mail
S.18 Cand. M. G. Pool,
B. E. F.
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