The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which Jessie Munro relays day to day news from Oakville to Gordon Munro i.e. receipt of a field card from Gordon; letters received by the Chisholms from the Chisholm brothers; Melville being home on leave; visitors to the Manse; shopping in Toronto for winter clothes; etc. Also, mention is made of the McMillan family and George Busby.
The Manse
Oakville Oct. 8th 1916

My dear Gordon

We got your field card dated Sept 21st last night, and the Chisholms got a long letter from Jim and one from Brock. I was sorry that Brock did not have the Fishers address and would he be disappointed when he finds out that Jim was in London at the same time. However, he no doubt had a good time and appreciated being out of the trenches for a while. Jim said that in one of the hospitals in France, he and another officer were the only two in the room. The other officer asked him his name and when he heard it he said ďAre you the Chisholm who wintered at Barrie last winter?Ē It turned out to be Captain Lawson of the 48th (I think) a brother to Esther (Jimís young lady). So you can imagine they did some talking.

Melville came home on Thursday for his 4 days monthly leave. Nearly all ďAĒ company is home. Before the next monthly leave comes round I expect they will be in Hamilton at the Westinghouse for a few weeks anyway. Just now his Lordship is pounding the piano trying to break another string. He has broken one since going to camp.

I had a letter from Margaret McMillan asking for your address as they are wanting to send you a box. Mr. McMillan went to England to see Archie and got there two days after he had been wounded. Now Archie is coming home on leave with his father. I wonder when you will be coming home? The way things are going now next summer should see the end of this awful struggle. Have you seen any of the tanks yet?

Bena and Grace Logie came out and spent Wednesday with us. They are just the same as ever and my how Bena did talk about you. There was no boy just quite as sweet as you. Of course that is long time ago Gordon. She asked if you had ever said whether you got her parcel or not. I told her that you had got a parcel from a young lady that she had given your name to. I do not think you understood but that parcel was from Bena. Some friend lives in England and Bena sends money to her and the addresses for those she wants parcels sent to. This young lady sends them and writes asking you to let her know whether or not you receive the parcel. She did not get any word from you so she was afraid something had happened and did not send any more but sent one to some else although Bena had intended you should get another. Bena thinks the things sent from England are so much fresher. Some time when you are in billets you might write one of your comical letters to Bena. You certainly can write an interesting and funny letter.

Oct 12th I have not had time to finish this letter as there seems so much to do. I had to take the two girls in to Toronto yesterday and get some winter clothes for them. I just spent $32. Mostly on them, a coat and dress for Margaret, shoes for Ethel. Wool for socks and then I had to get a few new dishes as we have not enough for a dinner party now. Mrs. John Chisholm is here for a few weeks so I am having her and the two girls in for dinner to-morrow along with the Stuarts. Juliet got your card and is going to get your address before she leaves.

It is too bad about that sub. managed to sink boats so near America but that will soon have to stop. Wilson will have to do more than write letters if that keeps up. I have to go and help fill Xmas stockings for the soldiers so will have to stop. George Busby and his bride arrived yesterday. He has just 20 days off now.

Love from all

Your loving mother

Jessie Munro
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Gordon Munro Letters, Oct. 8, 1916Gordon Munro Letters, Oct. 8, 1916
Gordon Munro Letters, Oct. 8, 1916Gordon Munro Letters, Oct. 8, 1916