The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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Melville writes to his mother from the rehab hospital, still in quarantine. He hopes he can soon go on leave to visit Ireland soon. He talks about some mail that he has recently received, (including a letter from Grace Ryie, Brock Chisholm's sister) and gives his thoughts on being hopeful that the war is finally coming to a close.
Wooderill Park
Oct. 22nd, 1918.

Dear Mother,
The last letter I got from you was dated Sept. 3rd so it is an old one.
I have not had much Canadian mail lately but had a box yesterday from Margaret Follett and a letter the day before from Grace Ryrie. Grace's letter was written on Sept. 29th and is the latest one I have had. Bub's box went to France and came back again so I may get yours yet. I have not heard again from Brock but he is allright. I expect to see him now in a few days. We are not out of quarantine yet but will be on Thursday if nothing goes wrong, and then on leave to give Ireland the "once over". I hope they don't sink us on the way. This is about the longest and most tiresome month I have ever put in and will be glad when it is over.
The weather here is rotten. It rains every day in short spells.

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A few days ago I had a letter from Marian and one from Uncle Harry Tilling about their trip to Colorado. They were both very amusing.
The old Hun is still as foxy as ever by the looks of his last note but he will soon have to give and then?!!!
Well! There is nothing more to say so I will stop.

Love to all,
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Munro Letters, Oct. 22, 2018Munro Letters, Oct. 22, 2018
Munro Letters, Oct. 22, 2018Munro Letters, Oct. 22, 2018