The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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Melville writes to his mother from a rehab hospital. It appears that one of the men on Melville's hospital ward has fallen ill, so the entire ward is quarantined for quite a while (meaning Melville might not be returning the front as soon as initially said). He also talks about plans to visit Ireland with a friend, once he is released on leave.
Sept 30

Dear Mother,
A couple of days ago I got the cable you sent and was sure glad to get it. I was just going to send for some money. I didn't send a cable about my condition because your cable had been delayed and you would have my letters by this

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time and know that I was in good shape. It took eight days for your cable to reach me from London. I am just as good as ever again but am detained here at Epsom for a couple of weeks because one of the boys in the hut caught the mumps and we are quarantined. We can get out around the camp but not out the gates. Things are pretty monotonous here, as there is nothing to do but read and sleep. There is a show or concert every night that helps

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to pass the time.
I have had no mail from Canada since I left France and would sure like to get some. I will be going on leave as soon as the quarantine is lifted and intend to go to Ireland with a chum of mine, who is going to see his grandmother.

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She lives at Tralee, in Kerry, on the west coast. He says it is the quaintest place he was ever in and it is worthwhile going. It is only a few miles from Killarney so I will be able to go there too and kiss the Blarney stone.
Things are looking well on all fronts just now and the people in England

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are very optimistic. A great many of them think the war will be over by Christmas and I think it is quite possible.
Last Tuesday three of us got our pictures taken in a bunch and they will be ready tomorrow. I don't know if they will be a success or not, but I will send some home anyways. I intend to get my picture taken by my lonesome as soon as I get nice & fat (Not that I am very thin now).
Well I guess I will have to stop now like Fritz will soon be doing.

Love to all,
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