The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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Ethel "Bill" Munro writes to her older brother. She complains about her teacher punishing her for talking in class, and tells Gordon about the gossip at school.
Dear Gordon,

We have started school again, we started on last Tuesday. I am in Miss Brown's room now. I wore my new watch the first day to show Zelda

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Jinks, mind what Miss Brown said is that she would have to change my seat. JUST because I was talking!
I don't like Miss Brown. Or Zelda. Well I guess I had better go to lunch now I call it " because we are going to have

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dinner to-night. Well good-bye for a while.
Well this is a week since I wrote this letter. Miss Macklain is back and she played in church this morning. Well it is getting pretty cold now and there is a nice fire in the grate

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so I guess I will go and sit beside it for a while.
I am going to Sunday school this afternoon so goodbye for now,
I am your sister ETHEL. Ethel Taylor Munro goodbye.
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