The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which G. B. Chisholm sends news from the front to Melville Munro. Includes a request to write someone in Boulogne; congratulations on Melville's successful school year; description of the dug-out currently occupied by G. B. Chisholm; and, mention of Brem and Ricky, fellow soldiers known to the Munro family.
Belgium, Sept 11th/15

Dear Pork,

Comment ca va? Am sending you a card I got from "un petit" in Boulogne. How would you like to write him? He wants someone in Canada to write, and it would be good practice. Congrats, heard you had made your normal and I suppose by the time you get this you will have your matic too. Got a letter a couple of days ago from Splint and answered it yesterday. You all must have been studying some.

Pardon the scribble, I am lying in the old dug-out holding this paper in my hand and its rather wobbly. You should see this dugout, its sure decorated some we have about 85 snaps and photos hung up. Nearly all my collection is up but the rats seem to like their taste so I will have to take them down. Coal boxes and shrapnel shells are coming over here most of the time this afternoon One Jack Johnson came very close, about four yards less and we should have been mincemeat We don't mind them much now though one gets to be almost a fatalist out here. Haven't seen Gug for four or five days but will likely do so tomorrow or next day.

That Keating's Powder your mother sent over saved my life I was being eaten up every night and most of the day. Say Pork somebody sent me four pounds of chocolate from Eaton's I dont know who it was but it was certainly great, makes fine cocoa too. I have a little left but it doesn't last long in this bunch I hear. Brem and Ricky want to get on the machine gun crew. It is a cinch of a job out here, not nearly the "suicide club" they used to call it. Havent had a wash or shave for five days and during that time have been digging in the mud most of the day and carrying rations at night, and I sure look the part. We are getting ready for winter here but I see where our knees do some shivering before spring. What are you going to do now Pork, teach school for a while? Marg Lind says she thinks you would "wink one eye and say "I want to go home" (remember Easter when you didn't get any supper?) Well Pork give my regards to your father and mother, Ed, Pug, & Bill, I guess it's time to ring off or it will be too long for the censor.

Your sincere Friend


Pte. G.B. Chisholm No 47827 No 1 Co.
48th Highlanders, 3rd Brigade
CEF France
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