The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which Gordon, from the Belgium front, writes to Jessie Munro, his mother. Included is a recent "working party" schedule as well as mention that the French and Portuguese appear to be having a "rough" time of it.
Belgium Mar. 13/16

Dear Mother, -

I have about half an hour to write a letter in so will do my best. We go on a working party at 2 o'clock. Was on one last night till 12.30, one yesterday afternoon till 5 p.m., one the night before till 10.30 & so on. Talk about work, all pick & shovel too, I was so hungry yesterday I ate a tin of Bully & 2 hard biscuits for dinner.

Yesterday & today are the finest days we've ever had. Its so warm I am not wearing a hat or coat & am sitting outside. I was picking a few flowers this morning Yesterday morning I saw a big M.P. (Military Police) I went up to him & asked him if his name was Port sure enough it was old "Jumbo." He is looking fine and as large as ever. We had quite a talk for awhile. He is billeted in the same farm as we are in just now.

There has been no Canadian Mail for over a week now, I suppose something is wrong somewhere. I got a letter from Uncle Harry last night. I suppose father has been over there on his holidays by now.

We expect to get our kilts in a week or so. The French appear to be having a rough time of it but I guess they are doing all right. The roar from the big guns at times is fierce. We heard Portugal was in it today The more the merrier.

We just got orders to get ready for working party so will have to beat it. I haven't much news anyway. Heres a couple of daisies I picked this morning.

love to all

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