The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which Jessie Munro relays day to day news from home to Gordon Munro who is stationed at Georgetown awaiting deployment. Includes description of the Munro's social activities; the status of Brock's health; Jessie's conversation with a soldier at the train station; and, an attempted robbery at the church.
The Manse
Oakville Apr 5th

My dear Gordon

We were disappointed you did not get home for Easter but hope you will be able to come soon. Margaret is at Lady Mami’s? and your father at Clifton Springs so our family is small. Lady Mami? phoned out twice last week for Margaret so I took her in on Sunday. Had a nice day and came home on the six o’clock train. I told them you were in the 20th Battalion Rifles so I expect if Sir Donald goes out to Georgetown he will look you up. You know he is Hon Colonel of that regiment. Margaret was quite excited about going but she will have a fine time. Marian is there too. She is going to Brantford on Wednesday for the rest of her holidays. I am afraid Oakville is too slow for her but Melville seems to be going to have a busy week. He is at the Greens to-night, The O’reilly’s last night, The Gordons one night, the Sidney’s on Thursday and the Armstrong’s another night. Brock did not go to-night. I expect he has to be a little careful. The doctor says his heart is like an auto that is running on 3 cylinders instead of four so he cannot go back this week. A lot of the soldiers got on the train Saturday night. One of them sat with me so I had a nice chat with him. He said the artillery and 10 or 20 men from each company had gone and he expected the rest would go this week. Half the men got off from Thursday night till Saturday then the other half got off from Saturday till Monday. I have been busy locking up as there were some burglars in town last night. They broke in to our church and the Methodist church and they were getting into the radial when ??? ???? wakened and started after them. They have two men in the lock up but they do not know if they are the right ones yet. I do not think they got anything in the churches but I expect they were after the Easter collections. Your Aunt Maggie sent you another pair of grey socks. Will I send them up with Brock? The teachers are all away on their holidays just now. Do they go away in Georgetown? If so you will be quite lonely.

I will enclose Ethels letter. This is the second she has written so you had better answer her soon.

Love from all

Jessie L. Munro
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Gordon Munro Letters, Apr. 5, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Apr. 5, 1915
Gordon Munro Letters, Apr. 5, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Apr. 5, 1915
Gordon Munro Letters, Apr. 5, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Apr. 5, 1915