The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which Gordon writes from Belgium to Jessie Munro. Included is a description of the tedium of trench life and the fact that there is little news to relay.
Belgium Jan. 27/16
Pte H.G. Munro 47904
Grenade Co.
15th Batt’n.
48th H.O.C.
1st Can. Div.

Dear Mother,-

As today is the Kaisers birthday I am celebrating by writing letters & wishing him all the harm I can. I have nothing new to write about, not even the weather, its still keeping fine. The dull monotony of this trench life begins to get my goat, but I understand __________________. I suppose you’d like to know what I understand, but thats impossible to say just now. Its nothing to do with any hard fighting or anything like that for a while anyway.

I have just finished writing to Aunt Kate. I sent them a copy of the Listening Post. I dont send their letters by Oakville any more, as they go all right by the States. Talking of writing, I had some letters I was answering last week, one of them happened to be yours & one Aunt Maggie’s, a Guy came along & took a look at the address & says, “Say what part of Wales do you come from?” I nearly croaked for awhile. The poor fellow thought the way you & Aunt Maggie make your N’s & M’s looked like some of those unpronouncable Welsh places. heres how it looked to him. Pte. H. Gordon Mmmro, but after all looks are deceiving & I guess I cant talk as I have no medals for writing.

After I got off guard last night I took a walk along the trench to see Brock, he was having a swell time, there he was at the old blunder-bus of a Machine Gun pumping about 400 rounds per minute, Hun wards. He said they were traversing or doing something cruel to the German lines, & trying out the gun at the same time. I guess if one of the Huns got in front of the gun for a minute or so, that he’d make a good sand-sifter after. Between us we killed 5 rats yesterday. I shot one & Brock gave 4 the cold steel, namely the bayonet.

I got another fine box of apples from Biggs Bros, Burlington last week. there was no name of who sent them or anything so I dont know who to thank. Believe me they sure are good.

I had a haircut, bath, etc. last time in billets & cut off my moustache, Scotty hardly knew me after. We also had some dandy concerts last trip out, we’ll soon be started on baseball & football I suppose.

Well I’ve now exhausted my mental capacities so will have to call a halt. How is “Sigh” making out? & send a paper with the voting results in it, please.

love to all

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Gordon Munro Letters, Jan. 27, 1916Gordon Munro Letters, Jan. 27, 1916
Gordon Munro Letters, Jan. 27, 1916Gordon Munro Letters, Jan. 27, 1916
Gordon Munro Letters, Jan. 27, 1916Gordon Munro Letters, Jan. 27, 1916