The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which Gordon Munro writes to his father from Belgium about day to day events, outside of combat, that are occurring at the front i.e. hike to town; attendance of a concert; construction of new showers; receipt of mail from home.
Belgium Jan. 21/16

Pte H.G. Munro 47904
Grenade Co.
48th H.O.C.
15th Batt’n.
1st Can. Div.

Dear Father, -

It is near bedtime, but I must write a few lines as I wont have a chance to morrow, going to a nearby Burg with Brock to see how things are going & to spend some money. We have a hike of about 8 or 10 kilometres to get there & I have to get up & shave etc. before breakfast so the day will be rather crowded.

We were to a concert to night by the same bunch that I heard before, I think I sent the programme to Pork. It sure was fine from start to finish. We had a good band too. Yesterday was pay day & to day we had a bath. they built new baths, a hot shower that gradually cools & it is a treat to get under it.

I was sorry to hear local option didn’t carry. In the one short year I‘ve been in kahki, I’ve seen enough of booze to make any one sick of it. There were some tall surprises in the council too, but things are changing everywhere it seems.

Last week was pretty good for mail. I got letters from all the family & a parcel from Mother, Mrs. Young, Aunt Kate, letters from Grace Hewer, & several others. Grace sent me a snap shot of herself & “Gag”, they sure are some lookers. never thought I had such handsome cousins. Mrs. Fisher wrote & told me where they were going to take us when we go to London. I can almost feel the old boat going at times, although its still along way off.

I am sending a paper, “Listening Post” for Ed. Perhaps some parts aren’t up to much but it takes all sorts to make anything up. Expect to see Snyder any day now, he is in the trenches at present.

Well theres not much news & I must to bed & get rested. Tell “Sigh” Thornton not to take any wooden nickles just because he’s in kahki.

love to all

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Gordon Munro Letters, Jan. 21, 1916Gordon Munro Letters, Jan. 21, 1916
Gordon Munro Letters, Jan. 21, 1916Gordon Munro Letters, Jan. 21, 1916
Gordon Munro Letters, Jan. 21, 1916Gordon Munro Letters, Jan. 21, 1916