The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which Hugh Holmes sends his regards to Gordon Munro. Advises there is "nothing in the way of news" and gives a brief description of the weather.
DE Moines 17th Mch 1915
1074 - 31st Street

Dear Gordon

See you are doing some training. All here glad to hear from you as often as you can do so. Have not heard from Oakville for the past 10 days. Weather ought to be getting better now for marching. Tho we have some snow here but only in spots. Nothing in the way of news. All well & looking for Spring.

Best Regards

Your sincerely

Hugh Holmes

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Gordon Munro Letters, Mar. 17, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Mar. 17, 1915