The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which G. B. Chisholm writes from Flanders to Melville Munro. Includes mention of Gordon Munro receiving "two stripes"; Gordon being "on pass"; the possibility of Brock going "on pass"; and, a list of Melville's "steady" girlfriends.

June 27th/1916

Dear Pork, -

Glad to hear from you last night. How do you like camp life? You must be some scout by now ; are you joining the scouting section permanently? Bubbie sent me some snaps the other day; there is one of you and one of Art. "Gosh Pork! how you've growed" I guess you'll know that Gug is sporting two stripes and is in England now on pass. He and Pete Marshall, no 1. on my gun, were the only two from the Batt'n to go on leave last week. Given luck, and if Fritz doesn't object I should go this week, but I "hae ma doots" I'll bet Gug is having a great time about now. I have just cleaned up the "strafer", as they call the M.G., We did quite a lot of firing in the night and got it some muddy. Of course its raining and the trenches, or what is left of them, are in horrible condition.

Dorothy Brooke sent me a photo of herself a couple of days ago. She sure is getting to be "some kid". Let's see Pork, who is your steady just now, - Betty, Margaret, Ruby, Helen, Ray, Ida, or has the list increased since my steadying influence has been removed? I hear, from quite a number of sources that Brem has caught it badly this time. Is it really as serious as I have been told? I rather think he won't get over this one, but verily Pork, its about time!

Well Pork, I have to get the crew at cleaning ammunition so no more this time. Best to the family, the bunch, and the 164th Batt'n.

Toujours votre ami

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Gordon Munro Letters, June 27, 1916Gordon Munro Letters, June 27, 1916
Gordon Munro Letters, June 27, 1916Gordon Munro Letters, June 27, 1916