The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which Melville sends news home from England regarding training lectures and manoeuvres.
Crowborough Camp
June 27, 1917

My Dear Mother: -

I got a letter from you on Monday and also from Brock which I sent on. On Tuesday another came along that you wrote a week before the other one. There was a letter from Bill enclosed in it where she tells me about Thornton's car. I guess they think they're smart because they've got a car. If they were in England they wouldn't be allowed to use it because all the gasoline or motor spirit that is what they call it over here goes to the army. Anyone using a car without good reason will be fined. Everyone over here is out to win the war and I think it will soon be won. - - - - - - My pencil just broke. It is one that the high school pupils sent. How are the conscripts getting along. Tell Ed that it won't be any honor to join now anyway and if he does they'll all think he's been holding back with nothing wrong with him at all.

This week we have been going on with advanced training. We've had two lectures on first aid and one and Sanitation. To day we were out fixing up trenches. I made a regular nanny of myself for a while with a pick & shovel. When you see a man working on a road or sewer with a pick and shovel you know he hasn't much ambition but can't tell whether a soldier doing the same thing has or not.

That piece of wood that I forgot to put in the letter was a piece of the popellor of an aeroplane that smashed up near us.

We're going to get paid to-night about 10 shillings I think. I got a notice to-night that there was some money down at a bank in Crowborough for me, labled from Toronto. I thought we'd go on pass sometime this week but it won't be till next week now. Probably on Tuesday. After that we never know when we get to France but it won't be very long. To-morrow night we go out on night manoeuvers from 9.30 until about 1 a.m. Next day we can sleep until noon.

The picture was one we took at the ranges. I'll send some more next week if we can get them done.

Love to all


I broke my pen but think I can get a new pen in London. Melville

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Munro Letters, June 27, 1917Munro Letters, June 27, 1917
Munro Letters, June 27, 1917Munro Letters, June 27, 1917
Munro Letters, June 27, 1917Munro Letters, June 27, 1917