The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which G. B. Chisholm advises Gordon Munro on the state of his health and expected date of return to work. Also, makes mention of small amounts of money owing to individuals.

Dear Gug:

How is everything? I am sitting up in bed with the typewriter on the back of a chair in front of me. Doc Stead says he thinks that I will be able to get back on the job the first of next week but will have to go rather easy. My diet consists of Oxo, Eggnogg, and milk; I guess he thinks I am getting too fat. Thank Cpl. Maskell for his boots , sorry I couldn't take them back myself. Say, I should have given you that hat badge of Cpl. Springs, Isuppose I had better keep it till next week. Of all the rotten type writers I ever struck this is the worst. It is a new model "Empire" "Made in Canada". If you can collect any of my pay, give Pte. Hart the dollar I owe him and reimburse yourself for the express on that valise, the dollar for Brown/scombe etc. and if therehappens to be any left you might send the same to me. Well Gug behave yourself stay in at nights, study your Infantry Training, no++xx++ for any of your young lady friends , in a word follow my example in all things. They say I have to have some more Oxo now and go to sleep so Au Reservoir

Votre comarade

G. B. Chisholm.
(excuse pencil please)
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Gordon Munro Letters, Mar. 23, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Mar. 23, 1915