The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which G. B. Chisholm is stationed in England awaiting deployment to the front. Includes description of his accommodation and conditions.
Sept 24th 1914

Dear Pork
Merci beaucoup pour votre letter, je l'ai recu hier. Glad you have come to the conclusion that you should write oftener. Believe me, Pork, the girls don't keep me any too busy reading letters. I've been hearing things about you, so Ida is the next one on the list, eh! What are you doing? Making the rounds of the bunch? And say Pork, she spells her name Northey, you left out the "e". Don't you wish you were going to O.H.S. this year? Wouldn't be surprised if Brem started going there about Christmas. Gug got a box from the "bunch' in Oakville last night, there sure was class to that box too. I got a letter from Marg, one from Grace and one from home last night, doing fine.
We have recently taken over a piece of the English line, and are breaking in the 2nd contingent. We are expecting to go in to the front trenches ???????. It is raining cats and dogs out now, but there is only one spot in the roof of the dugout that leaks and we can dodge that easily. I wrote to the Col. Of the 17th Res. Batt. At Shorncliffe, through whom Gug and I applied for commissions a couple of days ago. Our Col. Says he will do all he can for us. Should hear in a few days something about it. The mud here is horrible, sticky, greasy kind of mud too. The kind a Kilty hates to take a slide in and sit down, which often happens. We are in an oak grove on the side of a hill here, with the dugout cut into the side of the hill and you can even stand up in the back of ours, which is going some. There is a kind of swamp in front of us and mosquitos come up in millions at night and raise Cain with our knees. Gug's company is in Canvas huts about 300 yards away. Well Pork, guess I can't say any more. Give my love to all the bunch and don't do anything I wouldn't do. Best regards to the family.

Your sincere friend,
G. B. Chisholm
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Gordon Monro Letters, Sept. 24, 1914Gordon Monro Letters, Sept. 24, 1914
Gordon Monro Letters, Sept 24 1914Gordon Monro Letters, Sept 24 1914