The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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In which Gordon Munro and G. B. Chisholm ("Scout") arrive in Georgetown, ON to train for the war overseas. Includes description of accommodation, meals, training exercises, and a day in the life of a soldier.
Georgetown, Ont.
Feb. 2/15

Mr. & Mrs. Jas E. Munro & Family, -


Well here we are safe & sound. We sat in Burlington Station for 3 hrs. and a half waiting for our train & got up here at about 5:30 P.M. We are at the Prince Albert Hotel & live on the fat of the land. We have decent meals and a good room. Scout & I sleep together & the Sergeant sleeps in a single bed in the same room. He's an old soldier & snores like a young pig. We didn't get to sleep last night till 2 o'clock & woke two or three times to hear him, we liked it so much. I guess we'll sleep to-night as we're rather tired. We get up about six to polish up our boots & buttons & shave & so on & Breakfast at 7. Roll call is at 8 & we parade to the drill shed & have drill for 2 1/2 hrs. & then dinner & then drill till 4.30 & then we're free till 10 pm. We have to be in by then.

The drill is pretty heavy & it has been cold ever since we got here. We have both made the Regiment Hockey Team, and play the Georgetown Team Friday night. Last night we all went to a social in the Baptist church & had a good time. They use us pretty well up here. There is a "Gym" for the soldiers & the rink is free & socials & so on every now & again. The fellows are a pretty decent bunch. I haven't seen any drunk yet & they are all friendly. The Lieutenant is a peach, he's only 20. We were in his room today for a while & had quite a talk. We changed our uniforms for black today. They are out of date but we hope to have the others soon. The great coats are fine & warm & are a greyish black like as if it had faded, but they say its the natural colour so if we get home Sunday you won't know us. The hats are little wee things that go on the side of your head. I guess we can get home allright & will let you know what day later.

How is everyone keeping? Say if Miss Hardy wants those snowshoes any time lend them to her, as I told her she could have them.

Scout is keeping fine & we are as hungry as wolves all the time especially after drill. The hardest thing we have is throwing your head well back & running as hard as you can & lift your knees as high as you can. Just try it & see how soon your wind goes. We run around the drill shed 62 times which is 2 1/4 miles altogether. We managed to miss the awkward squad? I introduce Scout as my orderly when anyone comes around & tell him what to do & all that, but I guess they are on to my game by now.

Well I guess I'll have to close for the present & if any mail comes forward it "unopened".

Much love to all.
Yours to ??? nder.
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Gordon Munro Letters, Feb. 2, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Feb. 2, 1915
Gordon Munro Letters, Feb. 2, 1915Gordon Munro Letters, Feb. 2, 1915