The Munro Letters 1914 - 1917 : Letters Home from the Front - World War I
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Gordon writes to his mother from Belgium. He tells her that he's fallen ill with a nasty cold, but is now on the mend. He talks about enjoying a homemade cake sent from friends back home, and gives thanks on behalf of a comrade who's been struggling lately. He also mentions seeing a friend from Oakville a few days earlier.
Dear Mother-

Received your letter several days ago & intended answering sooner but I've been as sick as a dog for the last three days. I'm better now though. I caught a bad cold, headache, etc. I still have a cough but it's disappearing. I intended to go to the Dr. this morning, but as Brock & I got a big parcel of cake etc. from Marg Lind, Grace R., Ida N., Peg Langmuir, and Mary

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Allen, I decided a big chunk of 7 nut cake would do me more good than all the pills in France (pills seem to be the cure for every disease, going from the pip to the peesy weesies). If you have a cold you get 3 little white pills, if you have a stomach ache you get 2 big black ones, & so on.
I don't know if I told you in my last letter that I was in the Bomb Throwers or not, or Grenade Company rather, Grenade Company hasn't such as

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an Anarchist sound about it, & sounds 3 times as aristocratic. We have no working parties which is a great blessing. We are doing away with rifles and getting 45 Colt Automatics soon. In the trenches we have to supply patrols, but patrol is better than sitting in the trenches all the time.
Scotty is fed up with life.
He & I were the only two left in the platoon out of the bunch that came from Georgetown, & he is all alone now. I might be

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able to get him in our bunch some day though. He was greatly touched over getting that parcel & wants me to thank you & Mrs. Thornton for him. He says he is too shy to write.
I sent father 250 francs, $50, to pay my Insurance, etc. I hope he gets it all right.
I saw Kenneth Marlatt 2 days ago, he was resting his squadron, or whatever you call it, by the roadside. They were on their way to the trenches

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& go in near us. We had a few minutes gossip about Oakville etc. before they moved off.
It's frosty here at nights now, & we haven't had much rain for a couple of weeks. It's only a month until Xmas. We are going back for 2 weeks rest soon, & will get 2 weeks rest every 2 months throughout the winter.

Well, I must close for now.

Love to all,
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